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Talkative bilingual 21.09.2010

About the project

Philoguerrillo project blends philosophy with design and experiments with new forms of mediation and passing of knowledge. By using T-shirts, it tries to return philosophy to social context, mostly in order to promote the reflection of diverse topics through spontaneous interaction. Philoguerrillo - T-shirts, that think - is an unobtrusive invitation into the thinking realm. 
Modern popular clothing nowadays is mostly used for commercial purposes through the advertising of different interest groups. Its space is rarely reserved for promoting knowledge-related philosophical ideas. Given that we no longer use T-shirts simply for protection but also as a means of communication, we have decided to fill this void with philosophical expressions. 
Due to the limited surface of T-shirts, we were forced to focus on shorter philosophical declarations. Because of the unique possibility to expand the philosophical ways of mediation of knowledge, we accompanied the philosophical sentences with visual interpretation. 
Due to its unstatic nature, popular clothing presents a unique opportunity to enliven the content that is represented on its surface. The urban media allows an infinite number of possible encounters with the philosophical thought, which is why they can function as a means of revival of philosophical thought. Moreover, they allow unobtrusive communication, given that they touch only upon those whose attention is drawn towards them.  Philoguerrillo is an opportunity to introduce philosophy to people who have no direct connection to it, even though they might want to establish it. Meanwhile, clothing is one of the most suitable means to bring philosophy back to life , even by using those mediation techniques that have as of yet remained unexhausted.